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Get the good night's
sleep you both need

When was the last time your family had 8 hours of nighttime sleep?


Are you taking up all your time to make your baby sleep?


Are you at the end of the rope and seeking help?


Let’s chat about how I can help!



My name is Muzi Jiao, the mother of a spirited little gentleman. I am a Child Sleep Consultant proudly certified by the Family Sleep Institute. To provide respectful sleep solutions to new born’s mother, I founded Night Night Sweet Heart Child Sleep Consulting Ltd. My goal is to educate, support and accompany tired parents and provide effective solutions to help their children sleep well.

Sleep Consulting With Us

SAFE SLEEP  is our top priority

By understanding each family’s parenting style, cultural background and concerns, we respectfully design unique sleeping plans for each baby.


We firmly believe that each baby is unique and needs to be treated differently.

We have adopted a variety of methods in our sleep training ranging from very gentle method to directive method. We apply different methods to suit every baby every situation.

Sleep Patterns



Online Support

Custom Sleep

Plan & Schedule

Home Visits & Night Support



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