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My Story


Before my son was born, my family tried their best to help prepare everything and gained knowledge that we could use in raising a baby. It was amazing to have him in my arms, tiny and sweet. We thought his coming will bring us full of joy and happiness. 

The following story was like all the sleep-deprived families. Our little monster had sleep problems: short naps, difficulties with going to sleep, frequent night wakings, nursing or rocking to sleep. My family, especially me, was exhausted. 

I have looked through books and information online trying to find a method to help him sleep well. After hours of research, my mind was overwhelmed and confused—so much information on the website and in the books. “Awake Time” “Sleep Environment” “Cry It Out” “Ferber Method” “Attachment Parenting” “EASY Schedule”. 

Then, I got in touch with a professional sleep consultant. That was the first time I knew there is a profession called Child Sleep Consult. The consultant will assist mothers to find an effective sleep solution for every baby.  After the sleep training, my son was not cranky anymore, he was happier and healthier than before. Such a relief to me and my husband. I could not forget the first time he fell asleep on his own. Without my arm, without my breast, without anyone, he just fell asleep on his own. All I need to do was accompany and watch. 


Happy baby always smiles and shines. My husband and I finally found the balance in our life again. When the baby falls asleep by himself, we have time to sit down,talk and do some family time planning. Rocking the baby to sleep no longer occupies a big amount of our time.We started to feel the joy and happiness of becoming a parent.


My Philosophy

My experience of the frustrated sleep-deprived period and the beautiful life after sleep training have driven me to become a certified child sleep consultant. My goal is to educate, support and accompany tired parents and provide effective solutions to help their children sleep well.

I firmly believe that there is no “one size fits all” solution. Each child is unique and special. I take time to understand each baby's temperament and your parenting styles and preferences with respect to every family’s cultural background. I take all these into account while preparing a personalized sleep plan and be able to help your family effectively.

If you are tired, I will be here when you need professional sleep support.

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