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1 Hour Consultation
Sleeping Baby

$110 CAD/¥580
*tax included

- Tips and tricks healthy sleeping habits

- Email/Wechat/Skype support for 2 days following the phone consultation

No sleep plan offered

3 Days Support
Newborn Sleeping

$220 CAD/¥1200
*tax included

- You will learn how to create a safe sleeping environment, teach baby different the day and night, avoid the common sleep issues, build strong sleep skills, and the age appropriate sleep schedule

- Ideal for the baby, who needs schedule adjustments and can already fully/partially fall asleep independently; the family who is dealing with nap transitions, travelling; the parents who feel they need limited support from us

- No sleep plan offered

One-on-One Support
Sleepy Baby

$600/¥3200  1week+1 FREE WEEK

$750/¥4000  2weeks+1 FREE WEEK

*tax included

- For parents looking to get an easy to follow plan and professional support

- Ideal for the baby who may have some inappropriate sleep habits that will take some time to change, and for parents who would like to be gradual in the process

- Customized sleep plan

- Daily Sleep log monitoring

- 1st night bedtime phone support & 2nd day nap support

- Daily question summarization 

Annual Sleep Management
Newborn Baby

*tax included

- Ideal for newborn parents looking to get a long-term professional support

- Unlimited question/answer

- Daily Sleep log monitoring

- Customized sleep plan

- All tips and tricks healthy sleeping habits 

In Home Support
Mother Holding Baby's Hand

*tax included

- 2 hours of in-home support

- Only available for One-on-One Support weeks package client

Sleeping Siblings

*tax included

- Add another child to this package 

- Only available for One-on-One Support package client

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