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What Well Rested Parents Say

 knowledgeable, professional, patient and friendly

Muzi is extremely knowledgeable, professional, patient and friendly. Before talking to her, my four-month old son could not sleep independently. I read many articles regarding  to sleep training, and knew some of the methods, such as E.A.S.Y., Ferber,… I tried to do sleep training by myself. However, when the sleep training began, there was lots of problems and self-doubts which I didn’t have the support I needed. Therefore, my son’s sleep issue became worse. He could not sleep over 1 hour, and I had to hold him whole night from 1 to 6 am. Muzi Helped me conquer this issue. She always be there to answer my questions and eliminate my fears with tailored sleep training plan. After one-week of training, my baby can sleep independently in his crib from 7 pm to 7 am, and I only need to feed him once. During day time, he is able to sleep over three hours in total. Our whole family are very happy with the result. We can’t thank her more, and really recommend her service!

4.5mo Evonne  L.

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